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    Five Reasons to Grow Your Own Vegetables and Fruits

    Great article with very valid points! Also, the added benefits of growing your own produce is that you get plenty of exercise outdoors in the sun without having to pay for it. It gives us an immense satisfaction when we eat fresh veggies picked form our garden.
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    Abusing the credit card can drag you into a hole

    Most people get carried away while using credit card. This kind of thing happened with my brother too. Credit card is actually quite useful if you use it wisely and make sure that you pay your bills on time. Otherwise it just becomes a huge money trap from which it is very difficult to come out.
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    How many credit cards do you have?

    I have only one credit card and we use that almost every month, but the rule we live by is spend only what we can afford to and never go overboard. If we use the credit card wisely, within limits, and pay bills on time, we don't have to pay any interest. And one good thing is that , I don't have...
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    How to Throw a Fabulous and Frugal Dinner Party

    Clever and practical tips to have a party in lesser budget. Great Job!
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    I use Ayurvedic remedies regularly. It is my go to medicine form for all kinds of common ailments. It is perfect, it works well with no side effects at all and safe to use for all kinds of age groups.
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    Have you been vaccinated against covid-19?

    I finally received my first jab of Covishield, which is jointly researched by Oxford and Astrazeneca and produced in my own city, I received it on 12th May and am scheduled to receive the second one in the first week of August. Now, thankfully, the supply is regular and so I see no problem in...
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    First Payment Received!

    Dear friends, I just wanted to share with you all that I received a whopping 25$ from Frugal Living Forums yesterday as my contribution here. It was such a pleasant surprise when I was asked to send my Paypal email id and then to receive the amount. It really inspires me and motivates me to keep...
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    Dealing with death of a family member

    That is indeed very sad news, dying due to natural causes or due to some serious illness is quite different from dying of suicide. It really tears you apart. How old was your stepbrother and what really happened for him to take such a drastic step? I guess, there is no real answer on how to deal...
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    Fabulous frugal living or how to enhance your life with frugal lifestyle

    Great article. There really is a thin line between being frugal and being a downright miser. The trick is to understand where it lies and behaving accordingly.
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    Addiction In the Family.

    Reading through personal experiences here, I realize how difficult it must be to have someone in the family addicted to drugs and alcohol. I know of few people who have lost their lives ultimately but the family they left behind were really torn up. So it is a very sensitive and crucial subject...
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    Do You Prefer A Removable Or Non-Removable Cellphone?

    I prefer phones with removable battery, it is quite convenient as you can just replace the battery when it slows down or stops working without having to spend money on buying a new phone. Of course, the problem while changing the battery is finding a good quality and reliable brand that will...
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    I cook chapatis using either sunflower oil or groundnut oil, I think coconut oil might be a tad bit stronger for them, but there are certain foods that I do like in coconut oil.
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    Herbal Tea and Benefits of Drinking it before bed.

    I like lemon grass tea with a hint of mint and honey added. You have mentioned purple tea, what do you make it from? If I am not wrong, do you use blue peaflowers to make it?
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    Things That Really Help Me Save Money :)

    Saving money regularly is the best thing you can do, keep saving as much as you can in the bank and you will also earn some interest on it. Also, you can use the cash quickly should an emergency arise.
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    How does the rewards program really work here?

    I did read the Rewards Program on Frugal Living, however, there is no mention of how points are converted and what is the minimum required threshold etc. So has anyone ever benefited or earned from it here? If yes, can you explain in simple words?