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    First Payment Received!

    Dear friends, I just wanted to share with you all that I received a whopping 25$ from Frugal Living Forums yesterday as my contribution here. It was such a pleasant surprise when I was asked to send my Paypal email id and then to receive the amount. It really inspires me and motivates me to keep...
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    How does the rewards program really work here?

    I did read the Rewards Program on Frugal Living, however, there is no mention of how points are converted and what is the minimum required threshold etc. So has anyone ever benefited or earned from it here? If yes, can you explain in simple words?
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    Why have things stopped around here?

    Is there something wrong? I see no new threads or new posts, whatever we have posted on since last week, the credits have not been given for them in the TFW. What is happening?
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    Cooking oil

    I prefer to use cold-pressed oil which has only been filtered and generally dislike using refined oil. Refined oils are supposedly heated at high temperatures and some chemicals are added to the process to 'purify' them and then vitamins such as A, D, E etc. added to them. So I prefer not to use...
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    Flaxseed gel for hair!

    Yesterday I tried out flaxseed gel mask for my hair. My niece watched it on youtube or somewhere and tried it out. I loved how lovely her hair looked and so I tried it myself. I mixed one tablespoon of flaxseeds in one and a half cup of water, put it to boil on a medium flame. Kept stirring it...
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    Mini lockdown affecting home deliveries

    Starting today, we are now facing another lockdown, although shops for essential items such as food, medicine etc. are going to remain open. Home delivery of groceries and essential are also continuing although they are being made to stop delivering non-essentials such as clothes, electronics...
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    Do you always buy trendy clothes?

    Do you always clothes that are in fashion or trending? Or do you just stick to what you feel comfortable in? I personally prefer comfort over fashion, I may have one or two trendy clothes but I am not really insistent about having the trendy clothes all the time.
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    Gifting handmade stuff!

    I know that we get so many awesome things in shops that we can just buy and gift to our loved ones, things like clothes, perfumes, chocolates etc. But making something with your own hands, like making cute embroidery designs on handmade kerchief sets, making a bouquet of flowers from your...
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    Using your own recipes for skin care!

    These days, good quality cosmetics from well-known brands are too costly, usually I save money and occasionally buy them. however, I prefer to make my own recipes using ingredients from my kitchen and methods which were followed by my mother, grandmother etc. for example, I use a mixture of...