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    Medical check-ups

    I do go every 8 months or so for regular checkups. Since I have hypertension, I keep a regular schedule to follow up with my physician.
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    Any ideas for getting rid of dark spots/scars?

    Usually natural remedies work best for such skin problems, but they are a bit slow and you have to be consistent with their application. Some of these are, applying a little yoghurt and lemon juice mix everyday on your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes daily, then wash off with water. Do...
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    Hiring a home repairman that is worth the cost

    We have a handyman whose services we have been using for many years. He used to come to us as a trainee as young boy. Now he works on his own, at electric, plumbing and other jobs. His services are a bit expensive but his work is good.
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    belly fat

    I am really sad to hear that. Did you lose your employment? Are you doing alright now? Do keep your hopes up, I am sure you will get back on your feet once again.
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    I used to enjoy cycling once, I used to go to school on the bicycle but now the roads are all too crowded to go anywhere on the bicycle. There are separate bicycle paths everywhere but unfortunately, there are all kinds of encroachment on them and the path is also not continuous everywhere.
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    Flaxseed gel for hair!

    Yes It is helpful for all kinds of hair. The gel makes the hair very soft and shiny and manageable. Do try once and see how it works for you.
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    Why have things stopped around here?

    There are credits for this forum, but they are as it is for the last 10-12 days, they are not exhausting nor are they being given to the users here. I guess admin is too busy with something to pay attention to this. I hope they are okay~!
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    Social distancing in the grocery

    Coughing to scare people away is indeed funny but not in times such as now. One may be a carrier of the virus, may not have any symptoms but by coughing, the person is releasing them in the air and someone around with weak immunity might be put to danger. Instead we can just request others to...
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    Ordering for delivery

    I buy groceries from local shop and vegetables and fruits from a person who now delivers in our colony. He comes in a van daily and we just go down to buy what we want. Other than that, all the shops selling other stuff are closed currently.
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    Choosing the best eatery

    We dine out at the restaurants occasionally, maybe 3 or 4 times in a year, to celebrate birthdays or our anniversary or sometimes just an outing with friends. I prefer the place where I eat to be completely vegetarian, with good food, recommended by friends. The place should be clean and the...
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    Developing the habit of saving money in the bank

    I save money in my own account and also prefer to put some cash away that I save from my monthly expenditure, I hide that money somewhere among my clothes so I can use it for emergency or when the banks are closed. We are also teaching our son to save money and got his own account opened in the...
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    Why have things stopped around here?

    Is there something wrong? I see no new threads or new posts, whatever we have posted on since last week, the credits have not been given for them in the TFW. What is happening?
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    Jewelry appreciates in value

    In India too, only gold jewellery is considered as an investment. Even very poor who do not have their own homes will buy gold in small quantities whenever they can and accumulate it, so it can be sold when the market is right.
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    Mini lockdown affecting home deliveries

    I have read all about it, how NHS has done an amazing job of vaccinating so many people in Britain. It must feel so good and safe now for you all, and I hope and pray that it stays that way now. For us, we are now experiencing the second wave and it is very terrible. The central government did a...
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    How Much Do You Pay For Your Wifi Subscription?

    My internet bill is a bit expensive, we pay INR 12000 for the yearly contract, it is a little high than the other private operators but the service we get is excellent and the connectivity is generally uninterrupted and good.
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    Online newspaper instead of printed version

    I have tried reading newspapers online and still do occasionally. However I prefer the proper printed version. There are just too many ad popups in online version and sometimes, the ads are simply gross and inappropriate. Since I already spend a lot of time on computer, I do not want to add the...
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    Book sale every day

    I often buy books from used book stores and there is a company here who sells books by weight twice in a year. They buy books in bulk from abroad, especially from Britain, all books are used and in mint condition. They are then sold here by weight. Children's books go for INR 200 per kilogram...
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    What time do you prefer to exercise?

    Though I am not a morning person, I like to go for walks early in the morning when there are no crowds on the road. But since lockdown started, I had to stop that. I do yoga and stretching exercises in the evening.
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    belly fat

    Walking briskly for at least 45 minutes a day, crunches, squats and toe touching exercises and eating in moderation will help reduce fat around the tummy.
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    Flaxseed gel for hair!

    Mildred, flaxseeds are small reddish seeds from which oil is derived. In India, we use flaxseed oil for cooking and flaxseeds are used to make savoury chutneys. They are a rich source of essential nutrients. I have attached here the link to a website where you read more about it...