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    Jewelry appreciates in value

    This I have learned from rappers. Jewelry, especially diamonds, is a good investment if you can afford to get your hands on some.
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    Mini lockdown affecting home deliveries

    That sucks big time. I guess some of us are lucky because we only have a curfew.
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    Developing the habit of saving money in the bank

    It is a good habit that most people need to pick up. I saw my brother doing it and it kind of rubbed off of me. At least now I have a few bucks saved up.
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    Choosing the best eatery

    Well, I live in the slums so I don't get to choose because they are all the same. Although, if I had to choose, I would definitely go with a clean, fancy place with good cuisines.
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    Any ideas for getting rid of dark spots/scars?

    I used to go online and look for remedies but they all failed. Turns out when you stop obsessing over them they just disappear like magic.
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    Doves For Pets

    I live on a flat so there is no chance in hell my landlord would ever allow that. Your must be enjoying your life to the fullest if you ain't got to worry about the rent. That is my dream too. To own my own ranch.
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    Flaxseed gel for hair!

    Thanks. I must give it a try, that's for sure.
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    Same situation here. That is why I only ride my bike around the estate. We need better infrastructure if I do say so myself.
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    belly fat

    Thanks. Most of us lost our jobs but thank The Absolute I doing okay right now.
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    Hiring a home repairman that is worth the cost

    I'm just glad to see that most of the handy men I see are all young. A lot of young people are taking up skill work.
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    Medical check-ups

    Sorry to here that. If I was in your situation then I would definitely be keeping up with my meds and check ups.
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    Doves For Pets

    I have always wanted to have a bunch of pigeons as pets but my apartment building would kick me out.
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    Cycling is awesome. I usually ride my bike whenever I go to my plug to re-up my stash.
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    I have dread locks. My go to style is three lines and that is just because I love the number 3.
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    Flaxseed gel for hair!

    I have locks. Will this be great for my hair?
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    What time do you prefer to exercise?

    A lot of people I know do at the crack of dawn. Personally, I don't exercise. I only meditate.
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    How many credit cards do you have?

    I have two and I hardly use them. I just use my phone to pay for everything.
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    belly fat

    2020 killed my belly fat. Turns out when you are so broke that you can only afford to have one meal a day, you body adopts and you loose weight.
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    Hiring a home repairman that is worth the cost

    We've got a bunch for them for whatever price you want. It just depends how deep your pocket is.
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    Medical check-ups

    I know it recommended but there is no way in hell I would take my ass to the freakin' hospital if there is nothing wrong. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.