Do You Prefer A Removable Or Non-Removable Cellphone?


I would always want a phone with a removable battery, so that it would be easier to buy a new one when it starts to fail, and I wouldn't have to take it to a repair center. I have 2 touch screen phones that have a removable battery, and 2 that are non-removable. I wonder how long will the batteries of the non-removable phones last.


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While most phones today don't offer removable batteries anymore. I would definitely prefer phones with removable batteries. I feel you can get more life out of the phone this way, if a battery dies in a phone with a removable battery, you can purchase a new battery for that phone, slap it into the device and it's working again. Not the case with phones with non-removable batteries however. I do see the logic behind not allowing the battery to be removed though, there is a risk of using a 3rd-party replacement battery for a phone that wasn't made by the phone manufacturer.

I guess, it depends on your stance with using 3rd party batteries and how you feel about certain phone manufacturers and their stance on batteries or how reliable said battery may or may not be.

Each has their pros and cons. I guess the non-replace-able battery phones biggest con is, well, you can't remove the battery :p


I prefer phones with removable battery, it is quite convenient as you can just replace the battery when it slows down or stops working without having to spend money on buying a new phone. Of course, the problem while changing the battery is finding a good quality and reliable brand that will work efficiently for a long time.


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Though non removable batteries have become a common trend, but i think removable battery is way better. If the phone hangs, i can always easily remove the battery and try again. When the battery becomes faulty, i can easily get a replacement without having to think of how i would open the phone. I can also have spare battery incase there is shortage of electricity

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