If you have hair, how do you normally style it?

We come from a generation where nowadays even men have hair. What is your to-go style?

I love Twist outs and I am mostly rocking them though currently, I did braid my hair though I find it costly and it cuts my hair at times.

Styling the hair is very important though most people concentrate on the look and physique and neglect the hair.

Styling Your Hair Has Benefits;

1. Enhancing Personality and Beauty:
With the right hairstyle, you can enhance your personality better and look. Why settle to be ordinary and you can do better?
Find a hairstyle that suits your Face, Shape, and Personality.

If you are in the fashion industry remember to keep it trendy and modern. If you are a professional find an office look that goes along with your profession.

2. Experimenting.
It is never bad to try out something new and see if it suits you.
Changing your hairstyle does not render you hopeless since you have a variety of hairstyles to choose from.

3. Suit your hair type.
You have a selection of styles that suit your hair type.
Nowadays even if you have dreds they can always be styled into something sexy and that suits your face shape.

What are some of the reasons you style your hair? And what style suits you best?
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The truth is that l like plaiting my hair to avoid combing it.I have african hair which is rough and it shrinks when exposed to water or cold.Maintaining it is stressful to me so i prefer braids.
I normally avoid braiding my hair cause the braids always end up cutting my hair and it is so frustrating maybe if the person braiding me does not fix them so tightly.

I do braid once in a while, like now I have long braids but I will not be keeping them for long just in case they damage my hair.

There are so many advantages of Braiding The Hair, some of which include:
1. Acts as a protective hairstyle for your hair and prevents breakage.
If you normally keep your hair open you will notice that it breaks more so braid or find a style that suits you to avoid breakage.

2. Great for Frizzy Hair.
I am also African and I know how our hair gets and when you have a demanding job, braiding makes your life so manageable cause you wake up with a tangle-free hair.

3.Great for Sealing in Moisture.
I normally use sheer butter and some coconut oil tonseal in moisture and then braid my hair and when I undo it is usually so soft and managabble. I hate it when my hair loses the moisture it should be retaining and becomes dry making it easy to break.

4.Perfect Beach Waves
Since I am a saloonist, I love when the braids are a little weeks old I plait them and soak in hot water and the result is a perfect summer beach wavy look that I so love to rock with my trendy outfits.
You can also spritz yoyr braids and braid them then unravel them for the summer beach look.

Waking up early and then having to do your hair can be such a task for most people. I am used to my twist outs and unravelling them a few days later but I totally understand everyone is different you just have to find what suits you best.

Incase you are using a tight hairband or rubberband it will end up breaking and damaging your hair. Remember not too tight and not toon lose.
You can also practice using serum.


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I have dread locks. My go to style is three lines and that is just because I love the number 3.

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