Stocking on pasta and beans


In our home we used to have a stock of pasta and beans for the so called rainy day. But one time we noticed the pasta was soggy when cooked. That was due to the long time in the storage. The beans have also a problem with the texture maybe due to the changing weather. Now we just buy pasta and beans when we have plans to cook it within a week.


We don't eat pasta, we eat rice or make flatbread, or chapati (however, we don't use that word here, it is mostly used by Indians), or stuffed bread (called paratha). However, we do buy a variety of beans and stock beans in large quantities. I find storing beans easy compared to other grains.
We store beans and it rarely goes bad.Unless some weevil insects eat up our beans.We usually dry our beans in the sun for several days before storing it.


We never stock up on pasta or beans, we stock up on instant noodles and canned goods. Didn't know that beans and pasta could go bad before it's expiration date.


We eat a lot of rice and pasta. It's never gone soggy even if I have stored it. Maybe it's the humidity of your country that causes it. I don't really store anything to be honest although sometimes my freezer gets a bit full.


If you are finding it difficult to store beans for a long time, next time when you buy beans, smear a tablespoon of castor oil (or any cooking oil will do if you don't have castor oil) to the beans and store them in a dry, airtight jar. They will keep for a long time and the texture will remain as it is.

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